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Chris G Sees the Future of EDM

by Jarory De Jesus

EDM artist Chris G thinks the future of the genre has nothing but growth in store. In our interview, we asked Chris G what he thought was coming next for both him as an artist and for the genre. “I think EDM is going to move into a bigger scene. It’ll be more dominant in popular culture.”

For the glover and musician this means taking on more prominent roles in film, radio, and television. He believes EDM is the future of the industry and if current trends keep up he may very well be right.

As an artist himself Chris finds that danceability is the core component of what makes EDM shine.

“If I can’t dance to it, I know something is wrong. Dancing requires a lot of rhythm and if I hear a song and it doesn’t go to the right rhythm I will start from scratch.”

Making sure he can glove and dance to his own records rest at the root of every track he puts out. That’s why the future sounding artist draws inspiration from artists likes Tarro, another musician who puts the Dance in Electronic Dance Music.

Chris wants his fans to have a good time, to walk away with the same feeling he had the first time he went to EDC. For him, that was the life changing event that kick started his own musical career.

“I went around 2012, spent about $100. The production was amazing, everyone was so full of energy.”

His music seeks to capture that same wonder with every beat. This is why he gloves to every track he makes. And it’s this energetic fun that positions EDM to become a dominant force in popular culture, at least Chris hopes so.

We certainly think Chris G is on to something with his prediction. EDM has been slowly gaining in popularity over the years; bleeding into diverse genres of pop, hip-hop, R&B, and even some alt rock.

With dance-hall pioneers like Chris continuing to push the future of genre, will EDM start to dominate the charts? Find out for yourself and listen to Chris G’s latest work here.

And to keep up with his latest hits, follow him on twitter at @IAMChrisG, and Instagram @IAmTheChrisG.

Listen to his latest production on Write Now's Memory Box album below: