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Spotify Playlist: Dancing Around in your Underwear

Pants Off. Music On. Party On.

Music for every moment.

I'm very excited to announce that I am now a music curator for Spotify.

You can listen to my crafted playlists that include established stars and upcoming artists alike. In this new series of blog posts I will break down my playlists, the type of content you can expect, and why you should listen.

Pants Free Zone.

Whether you are just waking up and like to jam out before work, or if you religiously remove your pants the second you get home, this is the perfect playlist for you.

Jam out while no one is looking, we won't tell. We do it too!

Dancing Around in Your Underwear.jpeg

Songs you Know


A Thousand Miles

Vanessa Carlton

All of us have gotten our "white girl" on to this song. Turn up the volume, grab your hairdryer, and sing your heart out!


Don't Stop Believin'


Do you even Karaoke? Everyone has taken a turn belting this song. Arguably the greatest sing along song ever (we see you Bohemian Rhapsody), if this song doesn't make your day, your soul is ice.


Since U Been Gone

Kelly Clarkson

Chances are, your dad has belted this song while stuck in traffic on his way to work.

The break up song that defined a generation, let it go, let it all go.


Songs You Should Know



"I was cool already, way before you met me."

Remember Jojo? She's back and fiercer than ever. With a club banger that would be right at home in a Selena Gomez album, Jojo reminds us that she never needed a man, and that still hasn't changed.

"Boy, don't be killin' her vibe."



Knee High Fox

If you like your feminism as strong and sexy as your black coffee, Lolita is for you. Un-apologeticallyfeminine, and un-apologetically sexy, Knee High Fox will have your speakers rumbling, your hips swinging, and will leave your fierce in full effect.


Kingdom Business Song

We have transparently included tracks from our growing stable of artists within the playlists. Check out new music, support indie artists, and jam out with us!

The track for this playlist is Dreamer's Square. An island inspired dance track about the freedom found in love. Dream until we're free.

The Playlist


Do you have suggestions? Do you have a favorite track?

Let us know in the comments!

Matthew Madonia is President of Kingdom Business Entertainment.

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