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KBE: Creative Center now Open!

Now Open!

We are pleased to announce that the KBE: Creative Center is now OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

We are thrilled to provide you with the excellent service in songwriting, music production, graphic design, writing workshops, music recording, commercial branding, and more!

Browse through our online services below, or come in and take on of our many writing workshops!



Professional Services

Lyric Writing
from 35.00
Music Creation
from 50.00
Female Vocals
from 50.00
Ghost Writing
from 100.00

Creative Studio Workshops and Services

For a comprehensive breakdown of each workshop, click the link below! For times and dates of workshops, check the calendar below! (workshops start in November).


Also, now available online for the first time, our custom line of notebooks!

Notebooks come free with your purchase of a Season Pass to our workshops! But they are also available for individual purchase at our physical location, and now, online!